Recreating Desktop icons and adding a Citrix favorite on MacOS

Modified on: 2019-03-22 13:27:58 -0400

The guide below will outline the process of adding a Citrix favorite and creating a desktop icon.  This guide will apply if you already have Citrix Workspace installed, you are currently logged in with your Domain\Username and Password, but the Design Manager Pro icon is no longer appearing on the desktop. 

First, look for the minimized Citrix Workspace App running near the system clock.  Right-click and choose Open Citrix Workspace.

Click the + to Add your favorite apps on the left of the Workspace.

Select All Applications, then DM Pro Cloud.  A green checkmark should appear next to the app.

This will now copy the icon to the center of your workspace window.

Drag the icon from the workspace to your desktop.

Double-click the DM Pro Cloud icon to launch Design Manager!

You can close the White workspace, you do not need to hit the icon again (and mutiple clicks can launch the app multiple times)

Within 10-15 seconds you should see the DM splash screen loading and log you in as the user signed into the Citrix Workspace.

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