Configuring Updated DM Cloud Gateway for Windows Users

Modified on: 2019-11-26 11:11:13 -0500

After updating the Citrix Workspace to v1904 or higher, you will be required to change the Citrix Gateway used for logging in.

Users can manually browse to

To create desktop shortcuts and configure Citrix workspace, please see below.

If you do NOT have Citrix Workspace installed, it can be downloaded from the link below:

First, open Citrix Workspace by clicking on the Citrix Workspace Icon on your start button.  You may have a shortcut on your desktop that opens the same application.

Click the arrow in the upper-right corner next to your username to expand choices.

Select the Accounts menu from the drop-down box

Hover your mouse over the account.  If is populated, click the Remove button.

If hovering over with the mouse displays you have already completed the switch.

Confirm and hit Remove

Click the Add button

Enter the new gateway: or 

You will receive a prompt to sign in with your DM username and password.  You will no longer required the domain\username. 

Hovering with the mouse will confirm

This will take you to the Citrix landing page where you can launch DM, and will automatically create a DM Pro Cloud icon on your desktop.

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