Configuring gateway for Citrix Receiver

Modified on: 2020-01-23 09:34:22 -0500

Starting January 2020, all Pro Cloud users will be required to point their Citrix software to an updated login gateway.

Users can login via the website

To switch desktop icons over to the new gateway, please follow the steps below:

1. Look for the minimized Citrix icon running near your system clock.  You may need to click the arrow button to expand the available icons.

2. Right click the Citrix Bullseye and choose Open

3. Click the arrow next to your account name, and then choose Accounts

4. Click the Remove button and confirm removal of account

5. Click the Add button

6.  Enter and click Add

7. Enter in your Design Manager username and password.

8. Citrix is now switched over to the new gateway.  Click the DM Pro Cloud icon to sign in.  

You should automatically receive a DM Pro Cloud icon on your start button, as well as the desktop. Either icon can be used to launch Design Manager.

9. Updated Citrix security requirements will prompt for your password when launching the software after rebooting your system, or after the program times out, so keep your username and password handy!

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