Pro Cloud v535 - New Features Released 6/15/20

Modified on: 2020-09-01 13:59:27 -0400

Welcome to Pro Cloud Release 535!

This release is focused on client communication via documents and payments.

Streamlined Client Documents: Proposals and Invoices

Simplified Document Creation

  • Documents will open in a browser as a pdf file (same as reports) 

  • Accept or Reject step has been removed to streamline your proposal process

Enhanced Document Sending

  • Send button is now on main window

  • Review and Send Feature
    • Proposals and invoices will appear on the review and send window by default so you

can send them all at once instead of one by one.  

  • Tip: use this feature as a way to send a client status update
  • Notifications bar refreshes every 24 hours, but can always get to this window by the Review and Send button on toolbar

  • Send Status Feature - see who to, when and how the document was sent

Updating documents is easier with new right-click menu and tag column 

Proposal History - see proposal changes easily through a history of revisions


Simplified payments

Collecting money from clients has never been easier - send an email, get paid


Customer emails with links to view and pay Proposals and Invoices


An easy-to-use payment page to pay multiple Proposals and Invoices

Payment status emails will be sent to notify DM users when clients have made payment

How it works

If you have a Stripe or TSYS payment processing account setup, you can securely email a proposal and/or invoice with a pay button. You can provide your customer with the option to pay by Credit Card. When 

your customer opens the payment link, they can then click pay now and fill out their credit card 

information. When your customer pays you, your books will auto-update and your money will 

be auto-deposited into your bank account.

Deprecated Features

What will no longer be included in Pro Cloud in order to modernize and enhance user experience...

1. ClientConnect portal, document viewing, and lead collecting

            (We will look to re-imagine this in the future according to proper customer feedback)

2. Document Reprint button replaced with PDF link on document number

3. Update proposal setting; now added as a right-click, “update” option on the proposal window

4. Letterhead printing on proposals

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