Create a Storage Room Project

Modified on Fri, 22 Sep 2017 at 01:51 PM

If you have upgraded from a previous version of Design Manager Standard and are looking to

add a Storage Room Project, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Click New Project on the Project and Specifications Window to setup up your Storage Room Project
    • We ship DM2011?s to brand new users with the code ZZZZZ so the Storage Room project always appears at the bottom of the Project List.  You can use this code or you can create a code of your own.
    • You will need to enter a Sales Tax code to save the Project.  We recommend entering the most common Sales Tax code that you use or a Non-taxable code.  You should never bill from this
    • Project so the code should not matter.

  2. Next, Click on File-Company Settings-COGS Accts.
    • You will need to tell Design Manager COGS which Project is your Storage Room Project by typing in your Project Code into the Storage Room Project field at the bottom of the window.