Design Manager Compatible Business Checks, Envelopes and Deposit Tickets

Modified on Mon, Oct 3, 2022 at 10:45 AM

Design Manager, Inc. Recommends Nelco Business Forms 

Multi-Purpose Checks

Top Position Item #L81064

Middle Position Item #L81013

Bottom Position Item #L1534

Deposit Ticket/Slip

Item #L1633

Standard Envelopes

Item #E9150014- Moisture Seal

Item #E91500S14- Self Seal

To Place an Order:



Call: 800.266.4669


Email: and let them know you need checks for your Design Manager software

New Users can receive a 20% discount using Promo Code: DY5

***NOTE: Once you have received your checks, you may need to change your form printing options, see this link for help adjusting position settings.

Example of the Middle Check position:

Old Deluxe Company numbers are as follows:

Business Checks

Top Position Item New #DLT104 (Old #881064)

Middle Position Item New #DLM102 (Old #881013)

Bottom Position Item New #DLB100 (Old #880102)

Deposit Ticket/Slip

Item #81019

Standard Envelopes

Item New #743 (Old #91503)