What Reports to export/print if you stop using Design Manager Cloud

Modified on: 2019-04-08 15:53:16 -0400

If you have decided to discontinue the use of Design Manager Cloud and you want to have your accounting information on-hand for tax purposes, we suggest printing or exporting the reports that you use on a regular basis.  

They are most likely the following reports:

Cash Reconciliations

Credit Card Reconciliations

Aged Accounts Payable Report

Open Vendor Deposit Report

Aged Accounts Receivable Report

Open Client Deposits Report

Work in Process Report (WIP)

Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Accounting Inquiry Report (leaving the account range blank, setting the dates for the entire history)

*Pro Cloud Users can export any grid in Design Manager just by right clicking on the grid and clicking export.  For example, the Existing Client Invoices grid for a listing of all Client Invoices.

Other recommended reports or data to export:

Spec Search Window (leaving the ranges blank, click the export button at the bottom)

Address Book (click Clients and/or Vendors, click the export button)

Project Item Listing

General Ledger

Sales Journal

Purchases Journal

Cash Receipts Journal

Journal Entry Journals

It is also recommended that you create and save a backup of the database to your local computer just in case you would decide you wanted to start using Design Manager again.  To do so:

  1. Open DM and select File ? Utilities.
  2. Select Backup the database.
  3. Be sure Include Pictures is selected.
  4. Follow the prompts and select an area on your local computer to save the file to.

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