Make a cost request Purchase Order to vendor(s)

Modified on: 2019-01-14 13:13:16 -0500

Sometimes you would like to request a cost from a vendor or multiple vendors to decide who you may purchase the item from or just to get a cost quote.  Follow these steps to do a Request for Bid:

Go to Glossaries > Vendors/Payees and Add a new vendor.  Make ZZZZZ the vendor code and Request for Bid the name of the vendor.  Then choose OK and close the vendor glossary.

Go to your Project Specifications and make the item(s) for which you wish to get a price quote have the vendor code of ZZZZZ. 

Create a PO for those item/components and accept it through in order to get the PO #.

Now go to Project Reports and choose the Request for Bid report.  Put in your Project and the PO # you just created for the item(s).  There is room to allow you to get a request for bid from up to 5 different Vendors.  Put in the actual vendors codes that you wish to receive a bid from.  Then print the report.  You will see that the system makes a Request for Bid to each vendor you entered.

Once you have accepted a price from the vendor of your choice, then you can edit the item's vendor code and change the ZZZZZ to the actual vendor you are ordering the item from.  To do this edit the PO and double-click on each item on the PO and change the vendor code, re-accept the PO.

 Watch a video tutorial on these steps here

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