Proposal deposit does not allocate as you would expect

Modified on Tue, Nov 5, 2019 at 1:01 PM

You add charges to a line item after the proposal is accepted and when you receive the deposit it does not allocate as you would expect.

In this case the system is functioning properly, it is the same logic as if you asked for one amount on the proposal and received less, each item would be short.  Same goes for this example where one item now wants more so that items gets more and all other items get a little less.  When the system allocates money to items on a proposal it weights each item against the total requested deposit minus what is applied on invoices to date.  Since a single item can be on multiple proposals and invoices, this must be done using the total item figures.  There are several solutions to the problem (in these examples we are talking about adding freight, but it could be any type of charge or change to the total item estimated price)?

  1. After adding the freight (or other charge), edit the proposal so that it requests more money (this works if the client has not received or has not paid the deposit yet and you have time to give them a revised proposal to ask for the additional funds).
  2. If the items were already invoiced or the client already sent the deposit and you do not want the allocation to change then before entering the freight (or charge), zero out the deposit percent (this puts the deposit requested in manual mode and it will not change automatically), or if after entering the freight, look on the status tab and change deposit requested back to what is on the original proposal. If you edit and re-accept the proposal any deposit already received will re-allocated so long as the item was not yet invoiced.
  3. If you are paying a vendor for this freight/charge enter it along with the bill or as additional cost on the vendor invoice/PO, only the client invoicing will pick up the charge and it will not affect the deposit since it was never estimated.
  4. You can set the project to not include freight in deposit, but you can never collect deposit on freight even if it is included on the proposal.
  5. If you invoice all items for the proposal, not piece meal then everything will total out correctly (in this case you do nothing but make sure you invoice all items from the proposal together).  As long as you and the client understand that the estimates have changed since the proposal and this is why certain items have less deposit and others have more, everything will balance out correctly in the end.
  6. In Pro only?You can manually allocate the deposit.  Highlight the Proposal on the Proposal and Documents Window, and click on the Status button.  Here you can change how the deposit should be allocated for each item.