Importing a Paychex payroll file from the Paychex General Ledger Reporting Service

Modified on Fri, 14 Dec 2018 at 01:08 PM

Design Manager SE6, 2011, Pro 6.0, and Pro 7.0 and later versions, all have the capability of importing a payroll from the Paychex® General Ledger (G/L) Reporting Service.  To import a payroll you must set up the accounts in the G/L Reporting Service to be the same accounts that are used to record payroll in Design Manager. 

To import a payroll file, you must first request a payroll file from the Paychex G/L Reporting Service.  Under Select Client Defaults, make sure that the type of file is set to Generic: Text File and that Period End Date is selected.  Since Paychex produces detailed reports for you, Design Manager recommends selecting Summary under level of detail; this produces the simplest entry in Design Manager that most closely matches what you will see on your bank statement.  Note: For Design Manger Standard, you must use the Summary format, and Design Manager Standard does not support departments.   You may use any of the detail levels for Design Manager Pro and Pro does support departments.

Once the Client Defaults are set, you need only produce the payroll file.  Click on the Export Menu, and then Create Export File by Payroll.  Place a check mark next to the Payroll that you wish to export or import into Design Manager and then click Create File.  Note:  For Design Manager SE6 you must select one Payroll at a time or if you are importing historical records use the Date Range feature to create a file.  Design Manager Pro 6/7 will handle multiple payrolls in the same file and will create separate entries.

When you are notified that the file is ready, click on Get Files Now, select the files, and download.  Design Manager recommends downloading the file to your Desktop so it can be easily found. In this case we created a folder called Payroll Files on the Desktop.

To import the file into Design Manager, open Design Manager.  For Pro choose the Accounting menu, then choose Journal Entries. For Standard go to Documents and Accounting, choose Journal Entry.



Next, Click on Import PR (Payroll) or Paychex button for Standard. 



Choose the file that you downloaded from Paychex.

Design Manager will create the necessary Journal Entries to record your Payroll, if all looks OK, you can Post your entries.