Stripe Configuration and Settings in Design Manager

Modified on: 2021-02-24 15:47:39 -0500

Once you have your Stripe account set up it’s good practice to review your Online Payment Settings to ensure everything is configured correctly in the software itself.


First we’ll want to Allow Stripe to show as an available payment option. For newer customers, this has been completed automatically.

Step 1: Select File, Company Information and Settings, A/R & Showroom Tab and select the green plus icon to "Add a record"

  • Type: this is the code or name used to identify the Payment Type, we recommend using "STRIPE"
  • Checking Account: select the proper General Ledger Checking or Banking Account that will be receiving the Stripe payments
  • Data Collection: Stripe / TSYS (Cayan)
  • Select OK on both windows to save these settings

Step 2: Select File, Online Payment Settings

  • Payment Type that online payments are posted to: use the drop-down to select "STRIPE"
  • Make sure both Allow payments on Proposals and Allow Payments on Invoices are tagged if desired. This option will set the default for whether or not the user may make Payments on theses documents
  • Status EmailsDesign Manager will notify you via email when a client payment is made online. Enter the email address(s) you wish to have receive this notice. For multiple email addresses enter a semicolon ; after each address; do NOT include a space after the semicolon. 


Next, we'll want to take a look at the Stripe Payment Defaults and adjust these settings as needed.

Step 1: Select File, Company Information and Settings, A/R & Showroom Tab, below Stripe Payment Defaults

  • Payments Allowed: this option lets you decide what form of payments you allow a client to use to pay their proposal deposits & invoice balances by, when using the Stripe payment processor. Use the drop-down menu to select whether you'd like to allow your clients to pay by:
    • ACH & Credit Card - gives your client the option to pay using their Credit Card or ACH (bank transfer). 

    • ACH - allows a client to pay via online bank transfer or they can send a check. 

    • Credit Card - clients can pay by Credit Card or they can send a check. 

    • None (Send check only) - No payment can be processed online, only a physical check can be sent. 

  • Charge Fees to the Client: selecting this option will charge any online payment processing fees back to the client. The fee will be added to the total amount due for the client to pay. Design Manager will generate a new client invoice for this fee amount and show it as paid. A Sales Category for where to post this fee is required. We recommend you consult with your accountant to ensure this is legal in your area.

  • Taxable under Type: if payment convenience processing fees are taxable in your state, then you will need to select this option and the component type that matches the tax percentage to include. It is recommended that you consult with your sales tax professional to determine these options. 

  • Sales Category for Fees: a Sales Category for where to record the fee charge-back is required. For newer customers, this step has been completed automatically. It is recommended that you consult with your accounting professional to determine the proper account. You may wish to create a new Sales Category for FEES: Payment Convenience Fee.

  • Select OK to save these changes

Setting the Payment Processing Fees Account

Design Manager will attempt to create a new expense account for the Payment Processing Fees. This account will be added to the general ledger as 63300. The account will also be selected as the account for the Payment Processing Fees field under the Payable Accounts in the Company Information - Other Accounts tab. This account will only be used if you do NOT pass the processing fees on to your clients. NOTE: If this account number is already in use in your general ledger, you will need to manually create (or select) an expense account to record these Processing Fees to. Once you have the proper expense account, you will need to add this account to the Other Accounts tab in the Payment Processing Fees field.

When the processing fees are being billed back to the client, they will be recorded using the COGS account (59600) linked to the Sales Category selected under the A/R & Showroom tab of the Company Information - Stripe Payment Defaults. 

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