Vendor Refund as Vendor Credit (Pro ONLY)

Modified on Fri, 04 Sep 2020 at 12:49 PM

How to use the Returns & Credits system to process a Vendor Refund to be kept as a credit on account for a Vendor Invoice.

How to Process a Vendor Refund

Step 1: Access the Returns & Credit system

  • Go to the Accounting tab
  • Select the Returns & Credits button under Accounts Payable

Step 2: Enter Necessary Information

  • Select the Credit Type as Credit on Account 
  • Select the Credit/Refund For Invoice (Project PO)
  • Enter Credit/Refund Information: the Amount should be the total amount of the credit you are receiving, entered as a positive value

Step 3: Chose OK to all warnings that may appear

Step 4: Vendor Deposit, Invoice or Operating Expense window

  • Highlight the Component(s) to be refunded and choose the Pencil button to Edit the Cost
  • Change the amount to the Negative Cost being refunded for each Component
  • Choose OK and confirm the total Amount Due (negative) matches the amount you have entered previously into the Amount field from the Returns and Credits window. *If the amount does not match, edit the other components costs that are not being refunded to be sure they are $0

  • Choose OK on window and to the warning that may appear

Step 5: The Refund will Process

  • Select OK

  • You will now see the credit on the Payments & Checks window for future use