Refund a Client's Over Payment

Modified on Thu, 26 Mar 2020 at 03:38 PM

If a client has given you more money than is required and you wish to refund them with a check, follow the steps below:

1. Determine where the over payment is currently. Is there an Invoice with a credit due, or is the money left available in retainer? (if retainer, skip to #3)

2. If there is a Credit Invoice (Invoice with a negative amount due), the first step is to move that money into the retainer:

  • Enter a New Cash Receipt for this Project

  • In the Amount field enter 0.00

  • Select a Payment Type

  • Enter "Refund" into the Check No. field

  • Tag the first line for Use to Enter Retainer

  • Select the edit button and change the This Payment Amount to the positive amount of the Credit Invoice. Select OK

  • ALSO Tag the Credit Invoice at the bottom of the window

  • The difference at the bottom of the window should show 0

  • Select OK and Post the $0 cash receipt.

3. If the available money is already in Retainer, or you have completed Steps 2 to move the amount to Retainer, you may continue to the next steps.

  • Open the Returns and Credits tab under the Accounts Receivable section

  • Enter Project name

  • Select Write Check to Client for Refund Type

  • Select Retainer for the Refund For

  • Enter the refund amount

  • Select OK to process the Refund

4. Once processed, the Pay/Print tab will then have an entry waiting for you to create a check for client