Refund a client's overpayment

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If a client has given you more money than is required and you wish to refund them with a check, follow the steps below:

  1. Determine where the overpayment is currently. Is there an Invoice with a credit due, or is the money left available in retainer? (if retainer, skip to #3)

  2. If there is a Credit Invoice (Invoice with a negative amount due), the first step is to move that money into the retainer

  • Enter a New Cash Receipt for this Project.

  • In the Amount field enter 0.

  • Select a Payment Type.

  • Enter “Refund” into the Check No. field.

  • Tag the first line for Use to Enter Retainer.

  • Select the edit button and change the This Payment Amount to the positive amount of the Credit Invoice. Select OK.

  • ALSO Tag the Credit Invoice at the bottom of the window.

  • The difference at the bottom of the window should show 0.

  • Select OK and Post the $0 cash receipt.

3.  If the available money is already in Retainer, or you have completed Steps 2a through 2i to move the amount to Retainer, you may continue to the next steps.

  • Open the Returns and Credits – Client tab

  • Select Refund Check for the Credit Type

  • Select Retainer for the Credit/Refund For

  • Enter the Project code and Date of the Refund

  • Enter a brief description and the Amount of the Refund (this amount will be positive)

  • Select OK to process the Refund

4. Once processed, the Pay/Print tab will then have an entry waiting for you to create a check for client.

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