Instructions on Removing WIP Report Entries in DM Cloud

Modified on Fri, 30 Jul 2021 at 02:52 PM

To remove an entry from the WIP report, you will generate a zero balance Client Invoice for the Item 

Step-by-Step Instructions on Removing WIP Report Entries

  1. Go to Documents and Accounting.

  2. Highlight the Project.

  3. Choose the Client Invoice button.

  4. Select the Item(s) that you want removed from the WIP report and click the Override button for each Item.

  5. On the Override Invoice Price window, click the Override checkbox.  Change all of the amounts, and taxable amounts, if necessary, to 0.00.  Click OK.

  6. The Item Invoice Price is now 0.00, along with the Invoice Balance Due being 0.00.

  7. Click OK to create the Invoice.

  8. Print the Invoice to paper (this is not required).

  9. Choose the top, right X to close the Invoice preview.

  10. Click Accept to process the invoice.