Instructions on Removing WIP Report Entries in Pro Cloud

Modified on Fri, 30 Jul 2021 at 02:51 PM

To remove an entry from the WIP report, you will generate a zero balance Client Invoice for the Item 

Step-by-Step Instructions on Removing WIP Report Entries

  1. Check to make sure the Item Status is not set to Complete or it will not display on the New Invoice window. To do so open the Project Specifications window and select Show All or Show Complete, right click to adjust the Status.
  2. Go to Client Invoices on the Accounting tab under Accounts Receivable, click Add.
  3. On the New Invoice window, input the Project code to display the Items. 
  4. Check Show All on the New Invoice window.
  5. Use the Tag button on the bottom of this window to narrow your search.
  6. Select the Item that you want removed from the WIP report and click the Override button .
  7. On the Override Invoice Price window, select the Override checkbox. Change all the Quantity to Invoice, Deposit to Apply, Price to Invoice and Taxable Amounts, if necessary, to 0.00. Click OK. 
  8. The Item Invoice Price is now 0.00, along with the Invoice Balance Due being 0.00.
  9. Ensure that the Item(s) is tagged and click OK.
  10.  On the Client Invoices Window, click the Post button. You can then click Preview to generate the the Invoice in your default web browser.
  11. Click Accept to process the Invoice.

Reprint your WIP report. The Item will now be dropped from the report.  If the Project has multiple Items that need to be removed, simply override the price for ALL of the Items and generate one single, zero balance Invoice for the Project.