A few things to know about the Motorola CS1504 Consumer Memory Scanner

Modified on Thu, 08 Jun 2017 at 12:47 PM

To turn the audio/beep on and off:  Hold down big button for 10 seconds until device beeps twice.  To turn beep back on, hold down big button for 10 seconds until device beeps once.

To clear memory and reset the device: Hold down small button for 10 seconds. 

Scanning:  To scan a bar code, point at code, press big button.  This adds one code to the list; you can scan the same code again to add a copy of the code over and over to get multiple quantities. 

To un-scan a bar code, point at the bar code and press small button (this remove one copy of the code from memory), repeat to remove the next copy.  If you repeat this until the unit beeps twice, it means there are no more of that code in memory.

Batteries:  If lead flashed red when scanning normally, it means batteries are low.  The unit takes four Energizer 357/303 batteries commonly found at most stores that sell hearing aid/watch batteries.

Having trouble using this device on Windows 8 or 10?  See the article here for help.