Installation Instructions for Unitech HT580 and Motorola/Symbol CS-1504 bar code scanners

Modified on Thu, 08 Jun 2017 at 01:00 PM

Note: The Unitech and SymbolCS-1504 scanners work with Design Manager Pro 7.0 and require that the Data Collection Option is installed.  If a Design Manager Pro 7.0 Upgrade CD was included with your scanner, please run the update before installing or plugging in your new scanner. 

If you are using the Symbol CS3000 scanner, the below instructions do NOT apply. Just plug the CS3000 scanner into the computer and it will work automatically with no further steps.

  1. Do not plug your new scanner into the computer until told to do so in these instructions.
  2. Insert the CD entitled ?Design Manager Pro 7.0 Scanner Support? into your CD drive.  In a few moments the Installation will begin; you will be prompted to choose to run the setup.exe file published by Design Manager, Inc. Click ?next? or ?install? on each window until the installation is completed and you can click ?Finish.?  Do not remove the CD after the installation is finished.
  3. Plug your scanner into the computer.  For the Unitech HT580, plug the power supply and one end if the USB cable into the cradle (base station).  Plug the other end into one of your computer?s USB ports.  Place the HT580 into the cradle.  For the Symbol CS1504 simply plug the other end of the cable into one of the computer?s available USB ports.  See the manual that came with you scanner for more details.
  4. In a few seconds, the Found New Hardware Wizard should start.  For Windows Vista choose ?Locate and install driver software (recommended).  For Windows XP/2003 the wizard will ask to search Windows Update for the driver, choose ?No, not this time? and on the next window choose ?Install software automatically (recommended).?  During the driver installation, you may be prompted to continue or stop the installation, always choose ?Continue Anyway.?
  5. The hardware wizard may repeat more than one time, this is normal.  After the hardware is installed remove the CD from the drive.

NOTE for Terminal Server Users Only (PC Only, will not work on a MAC):  When using through a terminal server connection, load the CD on both the workstation and the server itself.  Find the USB COM port numbers in the Server and Client?s Device Manager.  Use a login script to issue a net use command to redirect the COM port:

net use comx: \client\comz:, where x is the server COM port and z is the client COM port