Using a Cash Drawer or POS Scanner not purchased through Design Manager

Modified on Fri, 28 Apr 2017 at 01:50 PM

Cash Drawer

If you would like to purchase a Cash Drawer from a company other than Design Manager, you need to purchase a specific make and model.  You need to purchase a Logic Controls CR3003 Cash Drawer, as it is the only make and model the works with Design Manager.  We highly recommend that you purchase the cash drawer through us because we will program it for you.  If you purchase it through another company, you will need to program it yourself following the Design Manager instructions.  Also, if anything happens to the cash drawer you will need to contact

the company that you purchased it from, not Design Manager.

POS Scanner

If you would like to use a Point of Sale Scanner (this is not the same as a Data Collection scanner) other than the model that Design Manager sells, you do not need to purchase a specific make and model, instead, you just need to use a scanner that does the following?

  1. Interfaces with the computer as a USB keyboard device or uses a keyboard wedge interface (PS/2).
  2. The scanner has to append a carriage return/linefeed on the end of any code scanned.

You can test any scanner that wish to use with Design Manager Point of Sale (POS) buy simply scanning a code into MS Word or Notepad.  When you scan a barcode with the cursor flashing in Word or Notepad you should see the numbers come up on the first line and then it automatically moves the cursor down to the next line.  When the cursor goes to the next line, it is called a carriage return/line feed which is the same as pressing the enter key.  If the scanner passes this test it will work with Design Manger POS software.

*Note* this refers only to the scanner used for POS, not to the Data Collection scanner.  For Data Collection, you must purchase the data collection scanner from Design Manager or purchase the exact model that Design Manager uses and send it to Design Manager, Inc. for programming (there is a charge for scanner programming).  Design Manager does not support scanners and cash drawers not purchased from Design Manager, Inc.  If you have problems you must contact the company that you purchased it from.