Problems printing, garbled printing, printing half page, errors printing using Design Manager Cloud

Modified on Wed, 19 Jul 2017 at 02:32 PM

Printing is one of the most complex challenges for software and operating systems to accomplish correctly. This is due to the fact that there are thousands of printer types, manufacturers, and models—not to mention that printers can be plugged in as parallel, USB, network, and so on.

See Design Manager recommended printers here.

When troubleshooting printing from DM Online first make sure that you can print to your printer from other applications besides DM online. If you cannot print from other applications on your computer then you must contact technical support for your printer or a local IT professional to assist you.

To troubleshoot printing, try the following:

  1. Contact your printer manufacturer and make sure that you are using the latest driver available for your printer. It may be necessary to download and install the latest driver or to roll back to an earlier driver if a bug was introduced by in a new driver published by your printer manufacturer.

  2. Determine if there is a compatible driver to use. For example, most HP OfficeJet models are compatible with the HP DeskJet 550C. For problems with HP models see a list of compatible printers and drivers here.

For Canon PIXMA try a generic Canon Bubble Jet Driver such as the BJ-100 or BJ-300. For HP Photosmart 2600 series, try Deskjet 990c, Deskjet 980c (Corporate drivers)or Deskjet 870c drivers.

  1. Make sure that you have the latest DM Cloud client for Citrix.Select a link below to download and install the latest receiver for your operating system. Make sure to run the file by double clicking on it from your Downloads, if you are not prompted to run automatically.

4.  All Dell ink jet printers (except for the Dell 926/948 All-in-One) along with most Lexmark X, Y, and all Z series will not work because they are designed for simple home use and do not have advanced enough software to support Design Manager printing. Note: Dell printers are Lexmark Z series printers manufactured for Dell.

If a printer is selected and the user is prompted to save the document onto the local computer, log out of the Design Manager online program and change the Printer Driver (ie, HP Officejet Pro L7770 is selected, but the Microsoft XPS Document Writer appears).

To change drivers on a MAC…

  1. Go to System Preferences, Print and Fax, highlight Printer.

  2. Click the Options and Supplies Button.

  3. Under General, change the name of your printer, i.e. “HP Deskjet 550C”

  4. Under Driver, click the arrows next to the Driver: box

  5. Click on “Select Driver to use…”

  6. Select the appropriate driver, i.e. for the Officejet 5700 series, select HP Deskjet 550C – Guntenprint v5.1.3

  7. To use advanced features of the incompatible driver you can add another printer and create another queue using the + sign below the printer list. Re-add your original printer model. For example you can use the HP Deskjet 550C for printing in DM Online, but use the HP OfficeJet 5700 series when printing from local applications.