How to print black and white in Design Manager

Modified on Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 3:31 PM

 If you're needing to print black and white while in Design Manager, you'll need to add a duplicate printer that has the black and white settings by default. 

When connecting to Design Manager Cloud or Pro Cloud our servers will map your current printer settings. We recommend duplicating the printer you choose, and change the settings from color to black and white. Below are some examples of how to do this. Keep in mind every printer is different, but the steps are usually similar to make these changes.


***Note, if you choose to print in black and white, on some reports that have the highlight bar, you'll want to turn this off if you have chosen a color other than the default gray. To do so, simply go to File-Company Information-Advanced and within the print tab there's an option to UNCHECK "Highlight Bar". Choose OK, and that should remove any color pertaining to the highlight on various reports. ***




For PC Users simply go into your Control Panel and choose Devices and Printers. You can search for it at the top right of the Control Panel or the correct path is usually Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers.


Choose add a printer, you should then see your printer automatically show up, select that and your machine should go through the necessary steps to add a duplicate printer. Once that is finished you should see your duplicate printer listed under "Printers".


You can then right click the printer and choose "Printing Preferences". Here's where it may be different for various devices, there may be an option for Finishing or Color. Here you can choose black and white or greyscale. We recommend searching these settings for your specific printer so you can make these changes accordingly. Once you set your preference correctly, we recommend printing a test page to make sure your settings are correct. ***This is not necessary, but we recommend renaming the duplicated printer to indicate it's the black and white device, you can usually do this by right clicking the printer, printer properties and there should be a field to rename.


Mac users, all printer related settings can be found within your system preferences. You'll see an option called "Printers and Scanners". To add a printer simply choose the plus (+) symbol on the left-hand pane and choose the correct device. Once the device is added there should be an option called "Options & Supplies". Again, each printer will have its own unique settings, so it's recommend to search your specific model on how to switch from color to black and white. Once those settings are set, you can right click on your printer and one of those options will be to rename the device, go ahead and rename the device so it's easy to distinguish that it's the black and white printer. Please test print to make certain the changes have been made before attempting to print in Design Manager.