How Component Types are displayed on the Proposal and Invoice

Modified on Fri, 22 Sep 2017 at 01:51 PM

There are four styles from which to choose for each Component Type and how the Client will see them on the Proposal or Invoice - See Examples at the end of this section:

Combine: Adds the amount for this Component Type into the price of the corresponding Item. For example, if you propose two Items that are $100.00 each, and each have $50.00 Freight, then the price next to each Item will be $150.00 in the body of the Proposal. The title is not used for this style.

List: Shows the amount for this Component Type below the Item in the body of the Proposal. The title will print next to the amount.

Total: Prints the total amount for all Items with the corresponding Component Type in the footer of the Proposal. For example, if you propose two Items that each have $50.00 of Freight, the Proposal will display 'Freight: $100.00' in the total section of the document.

Ignore: Will not show or include the amount of this Component Type anywhere on the Proposal.

Where to change the default style (there is a Company default and individual Project defaults):

Standard version: 



Professional version:

Company default:

Project default:

Examples for Proposal Style Defaults

Combine: All component types are Combined into the Total unit and extended prices to the client. They will not be broken-out or shown separately to the Client.

List: The Component Types that are set to List will show below each Item Description separately in the body of the Invoice. The Component Type will list for each Item on Proposal.

Total: Component Types set to Total will not show in the body of the invoice, but will print the Total of ALL of that same component type for each Item on this Proposal at the bottom just after the Item Total.