Setting up a single Design Fee as an Item

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Single Design Fees can be entered into Design Manager just as you would enter a sofa or other merchandise item. (The following should be used for Design Fees that are billed as a whole, not for adding a Design Fee per Item. See article…for Design Fees entered per Item)

  1. Add a new item. Enter a Client Description to describe your Design Fee.

  2. Choose the + sign on the right to open the Component window to enter the pricing.

  3. On the component window, there is a drop down for the component type. Choose Design Fee.

4.  Set the % Type to Discount.

5.  Type the amount of the Design Fee into the Sell Price field.

6.  Choose OK. Below is how the item will appear:

7.  Choose OK again on the Item window.

You can now Add a new Proposal or Invoice for this Item.

  1. To have this Design Fee item appear in the body of the Proposal/Invoice, you will need to set your Proposal/Invoice Style to Combine. (Choosing Total will show the design fee at the bottom of the document only)

  2. Change this on the Company Settings – Advanced - Proposal or Invoice tab; as well as on the Project – Defaults - Advanced - Proposal or Invoice tab. Find the Design Fee component type on these windows and just to the right use the drop down arrow to choose Combine.

Company Settings:

*Once the Company setting is changed, all NEW projects added afterwards will automatically have this setting defaulted.

Project Settings:

3.  Choose Ok. Then choose OK again on the Company or Project window.

Example of an Invoice with a Single Design Fee:

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