Add a Design Fee component to your Item(s)

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2017 at 04:26 PM

Each Item can have a Component added to charge a Design Fee. (The below steps are different than adding a general markup percentage)Go to Company Settings - Advanced - General tab (you may also need to do this on the Project - Defaults - Advanced tab)

Find Design Fee on the left.Change the % Type in the drop down to Fee (if this is not already set). You can also enter a default Design fee percentage in the % column.

Company Settings:Project Settings:Tip: If you wish every Item to automatically add a Design Fee Component choose the check box in the Auto column.Choose Ok. Then choose OK again on the Company or Project window.

Now you can Add or Edit an Item:

Enter your Item/Component information for the cost/pricing for the Merchandise.At the bottom of the Component window you will see Freight/Design Fee /Additional charges.  Choose Design Fee from the drop down.  The system will automatically calculate the Design Fee based on the Sell Price of the Item-Component from above and any default Fee % you have entered; this can be changed here if no default was entered in the Project setting..Choose Ok. Then choose OK again on the Item window.The item entered will now have a total Estimated Price that includes a Design Fee:   

There are 3 different ways to show the Design Fee on a Proposal or Invoice:To change the appearance, go to Company Settings ? Advanced ? Proposal/Invoice tab and/or Project ? Defaults - Advanced ? Proposal/Invoice tab. *Once the Company setting is changed, all NEW projects added afterwards will automatically have this setting defaulted.Combine ? choosing Combine will combine this Design Fee with the Merchandise price to show the client a Total Price of the two together.List ? Choosing List will show the Design Fee listed out underneath the Merchandise Item; separating these prices out.Total ? Choosing Total will show the Total Design Fee for ALL Items that are on the document as a Total at the bottom of the document.Company Settings:

Project Settings:

Examples of Design Fee on a Proposal

  • Design Fee is set to Combine
  • Design Fee is set to List
  • Design Fee is set to Total