Creating single Time Items, Joining Time Entries and other Time Invoice Styles and Choices

Modified on Mon, 02 Apr 2018 at 10:56 AM

See the link here for a webinar on newer Time features released after this article below.

When Entering in your Time, you may select to enter the Time Entry as a New Item in the Project or you may choose to Join to Existing Item. If you choose to Join the Time Entry to an existing Item, then you will need to enter the Item Reference Number into the corresponding field. You may search for the Reference Number by clicking on the Search button. A company may want to use the Join to Existing item feature in order to make the Invoicing easier and cleaner.

To do so, First add a New Item on the Projects and Specifications section. The Item may have an Item Description of: 'Time for the Month of...'.

Then all you need to do is check off the Time Budget box on the right and Choose OK on the Item window.

Window views may vary as the Examples below are Shown in DM2011.

Eachtime you enter new Time Entries from the Time Keeping Window for the 'month of' you can Join that Time entry to the Existing Item youcreated for that month (timeframe). 

Doing so will add the entry as a component to the Time Item you setup. When you go to Invoice the client, you will only need to tag one Time Item to invoice for that month. This makes Invoicing much easier and faster.

If you have the Show Time Details default turned on, then the Employee, Activity and other Time entry details will appear on the invoice underneath the Item Description. To access these defaults go to: Project - Edit - Defaults -Advanced - Invoice Tab.

Here you can select to print a Time Supplement, Show Time Details, or Show Start/EndTimes.

Examples of Time Invoice Choices:


Time Supplement - this Invoice adds a page at the end of the Invoice that lists the details of the Time entries on the Invoice. The beginning page(s) shows the Item in Total:

Below is the additional Time Supplement page that prints after the Invoice total page (above):

Show Time Details: This Time Invoice option shows the Item and each time entry broken down. It lists the Employee, Activity, Date, Hours, Rate and Totals all on the same page as the Invoice.

Show SE Time: This Time Invoice option shows the same information as Show Time Details does above, but adds the Start and End Times to the Time Entries.

Combining Time:

Another Time Invoice option is to Combine your time components. Use this if you do not wish to show the Details (employee, activity, etc), but only the Item Description of the Main time entry.

First, set the default Invoice Style for Time to Combine.

All components that are added to a Time Item will have the pricing combined and not listed out per entry.

Example of Invoice with Time set to Combine:

In the example above "Time for the month of December" has multiple components of time that amount to this total. When set to combine ONLY the Total Pricing and Item Description shows.

The "Choosing color samples..." item is also a Time Item that has multiple components, but is only showing the Total Pricing and Item Description.