Set up Desktop Icon for Design Manager Cloud and Other Cloud Apps on Windows 10 PC

Modified on Wed, 03 Jul 2019 at 12:11 PM

First step will be downloading and installing the Citrix Receiver from: 

Click Next through all default options.

When complete, you should automatically be prompted to complete the Receiver configuration:

Enter in the value for and choose Add:

Enter in your username and password

Next you should see an icon for DM Pro Cloud.  DM Standard Cloud will display the company's name.

Click the DM icon and it will start the launch process.

You can create a shortcut on the desktop from the menu in the upper-right corner

Click the dropdown menu and select Get Desktop App

Click to open the configuration file

Allow and Add the changes to the system

You can now use the Desktop icon to automate logging in and launching Design Manager.  It automatically logs you in as the user entered in the above configuration.  Give the icon a double-click, and then give it at least 10-15 seconds to load before clicking again.  The receiver is mapping your local resources, printers, folders in the background before you will see the DM splash screen.  It should then take you directly into Design Manager.