How to Export a Document or Report to PDF, Rich Text (Word), etc...

Modified on Thu, 14 Nov 2019 at 11:40 AM

All documents and reports can be exported to PDF, Rich Text (Word), Excel and other formats that are available on your computer.

  • Print/reprint the document/report so that it comes up as a print preview for you. 

  • Once the document can be seen on screen, choose the Envelopebutton at the top left of the document.
  • Then choose Export.

  • Browse your computer to where you wish to save the document. 
  • On a Mac, Expand Local Disk H:\Desktop for your desktop
  • On a PC, Expand Local Disk C:\Users\YourUsername\Desktop for your desktop

  • Enter a File Name
  • The system will automatically choose to save as Adobe Acrobat (PDF), but you can use the drop down to choose from other possible export options in the Save as type field.
  • Then choose Save.

Its highly recommended to bookmark your favorite folders to streamline exporting documents and not need to browse the file tree each time.  After selecting your favorite folder, double click to navigate to it, then drag the folder from the top address bar onto the Favorites star

On future file exports, you can expand the Favorites star to access your bookmarked links.