How to enter a reimbursable charge or expense (such as a meal or travel expense) - DM Cloud only

Modified on Wed, 05 Jan 2022 at 05:20 PM

1. Go to Documents and Accounting � Vendors tab


2. Highlight the vendor you are paying (or have paid) for the expense

3. Choose the Expense or Bill button


4. Choose the proper Pay With � Check, Credit Card, etc�

5. Enter an Invoice # (you can enter the date if you do not have an Invoice #)

6. Enter the Invoice Date (Date the transaction occurred)

7. Optionally enter a Transaction Description

8. Choose the Add button (plus sign on the right)

9. To add against the Project as an expense, choose Project related.

10. Enter the Amount/Cost of the expense

11. Enter the Project Code

12. Choose whether this will be a New Item/Spec in the Project or you can add this to an Existing Item.

13. Type � choose the component type that best fits your expense. If you are unsure, choose Merchandise.

14. % Type � Choose if you wish to Markup this expense, Discount it or make it a Fee. If you do not wish to bill the client for the expense, you can choose Discount and enter 100 into the Markup% field (doing so will generate a cost in the project only).

15. Select whether the expense is taxable. The Project default will be used otherwise.

16. Enter a Description. This Description is the Item Description if �New Item� is chosen or the Component Description if �Existing Item� is chosen.

17. Choose Ok.

18. To Enter another Expense for this same vendor, choose the Add button again. You can enter multiple expenses for the same vendor invoice for different Project and Non-Project (company related only) expenses in one entry.

19. Once you have added all of the expenses for this vendor invoice, choose OK at the bottom of the Vendor Deposit, Invoice, or Operating Expense window.

20. If you selected to Pay With a check, the payable will be on your Pay Bill / Print Checks window.

If a credit card was chosen, the charge will automatically appear on the Checking � Credit Card Activity tab under the same date entered into the Invoice Date field of the Vendor Expense.

21. If you chose Project related, an item or component will be created on the Project Specifications side. You can now create a new client invoice for this Item. ***NOTE: An estimated cost may not appear on this Item; However, the actual cost will be generated. If you wish to see this cost, Edit the Item, Edit the component created, Go to the Order Status tab on the Component window. The cost will show at the bottom under the Vendor Invoice section.***