How to Enter a Reimbursable Charge or Expense (Pro Only)

Modified on Wed, 05 Jan 2022 at 05:18 PM

Go to the Accounting ribbon and click the Bills & Invoices button in the Accounts Payable frame

Click the Add button

Select Expense / Bill / Misc. from the Type menu

Enter an Invoice Number, use the date or another identifier if you do not have an Invoice Number, the Invoice Date, which is the date of the transaction, and an optional Transaction Description

Choose the proper method of payment with the Pay With menu

Click  the Add button on the right side of the Vendor Invoice Distribution grid

On the Vendor Invoice Distribution Window, select the Project Related option

Enter or select the appropriate Sales Category and input the Amount / Cost for the expense 

Next, in the Item / Component Information frame, enter or select the Project to which the expense will be assigned and then choose either New Item or Existing Item to indicate whether this will be an additional Item created in the Project or the expense will be assigned to a previously entered Item, respectively. 

If you are using the New Item option, you can optionally enter the desired Location within the Project to assign the Item.

Select the Component Type that best fits your expense. If you are unsure, choose Merchandise.

You can change the Pricing Type as desired. In the % Type menu, choose if you wish to Markup this expense, Discount it or make it a Fee. If you do not wish to bill the client for the expense, you can choose Discount and enter 100 into the Markup% field as doing so will generate a cost in the Project only. The Pricing Type and percentage will default from the Project settings for the selected Component Type.

Select whether the expense is Taxable though this will default from the Project Taxable settings for the selected Component Type so it generally does not need to be changed. 

Enter a Description. This information will become the Item Description if the New Item option has been chosen while it will be the Component Description if Existing Item was selected.

Click the OK button

If you want to split a total expense between multiple Projects, click the Add button again to repeat the process.

Once complete, click the OK button on the Vendor Deposit, Invoice or Operating Expense Window.

Be sure to select the proper Fiscal Month then click the Post button

If you selected "A Check" as the Pay With option, the expense will be on your Payments and Print Checks Window. If you input Hand Check or Wire Transfer information, the payment will be displayed under the appropriate Cash / Checking Account on the Checkbook Window. If a Credit Card Account was selected on the "Pay With" menu, the charge will automatically appear on the Credit Cards Window.

In Specifications, either a new Item for the expense will be visible if the New Item option was selected or a new Component on the desired Item if the Existing Item was chosen.

You can now create a Client Invoice for the reimbursable expense.