Installing and configuring Citrix Workspace App for Design Manager on Windows 10

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Installing and configuring Citrix Workspace App for Design Manager

(for other Windows & Mac OS installation help, see the article here)

Beginning August 2018, Citrix Workspace app will be replacing Citrix Receiver.

This article will guide you through the process of installing and configuring Citrix for Design Manager on Windows 10.

Please have your Design Manager username and password handy.  This can typically be found in the Welcome to Design Manager email.

Go to the Citrix Downloads Webpage and download the Citrix Workspace app 1903 for Windows (last supported version).

Browse to your Downloads and double-click to run the installer for CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe

Click start, and then accept the License Agreement

Leave the default options and click Install

Click Add Account

Type for the server address:

Your username will be found in the getting started welcome email.  You must also enter in the domain, as shown below:\YourUsername

Enter your password, and hit the checkbox to Remember my password.

Hit the Log On button to continue.

Click Got It to acknowledge the new capabilities.

Hit the + button to select your favorite apps.

Choose Design Manager.  You may have multiple icons available.
You can verify a successful login when your username appears in the upper-right corner.

This will create a DM icon on the start button.

Next, look for the minimized blue "bullseye" icon, typically running next to the system clock.

Expand the minimized icons (if needed) and then Right-Click and choose Advanced Preferences

We will be setting two preferences, one to create an icon on the desktop and another to disable automatically applied updates.
When Citrix processes an update, for security compliance it can require you to re-authenticate with the domain\username listed above.

Click the box to Show Applications on Desktop and hit OK

Click Citrix Workspace Updates.

Select No, don't notify me and hit Save.

Next, look for the icon on your Desktop.  Double-click to start the launch process.

You will receive a Citrix pop-up that DM is starting:

Then receive the DM Splash logo.

You will then be logged into Design Manager Cloud!

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