Logging into Design Manager for the First Time

Modified on Wed, Jul 3, 2019 at 11:57 AM

Logging into Design Manager for the first time

ADMINS:  The very first time that anyone logs into the company's account, it needs to be done by the ADMIN User Name and Password.  The ADMIN Password is the first Password listed on your User Name and Password document emailed to the Admin on the account.  After the ADMIN logs in one time, all other users can login.

1. Type the Internet Address below: (do not include “www.” on the front of the address). Type the address exactly as shown below with the “https://”  You may also add it to your Favorites. 



You will see the following web page…

2. Type in the User Name and Password and then click Log On. Note that the User Name is not case-sensitive while the Password is case-sensitive. 

If your computer does not have the Citrix Client software (currently called ‘Citrix Workspace’) installed then you will see the following web page prompting you to install the Citrix Client. Installing the Citrix Client only needs to be done once on each computer you wish to use to access Design Manager.

Depending on your browser, you will receive some security popups.  Click OK through the Citrix detection and choose to install.

Alternately, Citrix can be downloaded from the following website:


After installation, browse to https://login.designmanager.com log-in with your User Name and Password; then click on your Design Manager icon to start the application.

*Upon launching the program, most browsers, by default, will ask if you want to trust or allow this application to launch, always choose to allow and permit all access. If available, select the option for “Do not ask me again for this site”


Mac installation is very similar and will require Citrix Workspace downloaded from this URL:


It is highly recommended to be on the latest MacOS release.

Double-click the “Install Citrix Workspace” option.

Click the Continue, Agree and Install Buttons until you are prompted to enter in your Mac computer User Name and Password. Please note that this is NOT your Design Manager User Name and Password.

Once the Installer has completed successfully and you see the window below, you can click Close. 

Next, click on your Design Manager application icon and begin to use Design Manager.

If you experience any issues launching your application, please see more help provided here.

Initial Log on

The first time that you log-in to Design Manager Cloud, the Terms of Service and End User License Agreement will appear.  After you have reviewed the terms, click the check box next to the “By clicking…” line and then click “I Agree”.  If you do not agree, click “I Decline.” (If you decline, you will not be able to use the program)

The Company Information Window will appear next.  Use the window to fill in your company’s name and address information.  Select OK when finished.

You can edit this information at any time by choosing File- Company Information & Settings.

For Admins Only- Testing your Employee’s Accounts

Note:  If you have a single-user account then you may skip this section.  

If you have signed up for more than one user, then you will have received User Names and Passwords to give to your employees so that they can also access Design Manager. Now would be a good time to log-in as each of your other users to test their accounts.  After you test each user you can then set the security for your employees if you do not want them to have access to your sensitive accounting information or particular areas of Design Manager.

To test each employee account, exit Design Manager and click on the Log Off button.  Click on the link “Click here to return to the Logon Screen.”  Type in your first employee User Name and Password and then click Log On.  Click on the Design Manager Icon to launch the application. 

 *See additional help here.  Should you need assistance or have trouble logging in, Contact Design Manager Technical Support.

After testing the first account, exit Design Manager, click Log Off, and then test the next account; and so on for each user purchased.