Associating .ICA files with Citrix Connection Center

Modified on Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 9:23 AM

The Launch .ICA file must be associated with c:\program files (x86)\citrix\ICA Client\WFCRUN32.exe

If another program overwrites the file association, the steps below can be used to switch back to Citrix Connection Center.

First, browse to your downloads or the path the launch.ica files are being saved to.

Right-click on any of the .ICA files and choose Open WIth

Check the box to Always use this app to open .ICA files, then choose Look for another app on this PC

Browse to where the Citrix Connection Manager is installed.  The default path is c:\program files (x86)\citrix\ICA Client\WFCRUN32.exe

Select the wfcrun32.exe file and choose Open

That should reset the file association and default the launch file to opening with Citrix.