Print preview or PDF margins or page size appears incorrectly

Modified on Wed, 02 Dec 2020 at 01:59 PM

Apple/Mac has made some recent changes (we believe in preparation for the new operating system Big Sur) that is impacting printing within Citrix. For some users, simply rebooting the Mac seems to resolve the page mismatch. For others, it takes a few extra steps. If rebooting doesn't work please try the following steps:

Log out of Design Manager using the File - Exit option.

Next - On your Mac - Open System Preferences > Printers and Scanners

Go to your printer and change the paper size to a different size - A4 for example. 

Log into Design Manager again. This change won't fix it, but it will make Citrix take another look at your printer. 

Do a File - Exit again to quit Design Manager. 

On your Mac - Open System Preferences > Printers and Scanners - and change your paper size on the printer back to Letter

After making the change and closing system preferences, wait 30 seconds - this is important.

Then log back into Design Manager and your printing should return to normal.

Any previously generated documents will need to be reformatted:

Edit the proposal, Switch the layout (residential, modern, etc) and then switch back.  It should regenerate the print preview and PDF with the correct formatting.  Below are a few screen shots that highlight the edit:

Other options to resolve:

Some users have reported removing the printer, and adding it again will reset the page sizing.

Be sure that the updated printer is not named the identical name, because it may use previously saved values.

On your Mac - Open System Preferences > Printers and Scanners

Delete any printers with a red status indicator that are disconnected.

Remove your default printer.

Hit the + again, and try adding the printer with a slightly different name.

Repeat the steps to toggle page sizing, and then regenerate the PDF document to test if the new printer name resolves the issue.

Removing all printers from the system will force DM to use a default PDF generator.  In worst case scenarios, removing all printers from the Mac and launching Design Manager should force new documents to the correct page size and formatting.

If the printer is still having a problem, it's recommended to update the printer driver.

Go to your printer vendor's website, and search for your printer.  For example: most home-office printers, HP EZ start will update your printer's driver.

Run through the download.  Be sure to hit the button to switch to the HP driver:

Then, try repeating the PDF regeneration steps in the first part of this guide.