Accessing Design Manager Cloud from an Android phone/device

Modified on: 2021-04-21 14:51:48 -0400

Click here to watch a video on the installation and setup here.

1. Go to the Play Store App

2. Touch the Magnifying glass and search for Citrix Workspace then touch Citrix Workspace. 

3. Touch Install

    Touch Accept & the download will begin.

4. Touch Open when the download is completed.

5. Touch “Set up my enterprise apps” at the bottom of the screen.

6. Type for the Address then touch Next.

7. Type in the User Name that you were given when you signed up for Design Manager

Type in your Password

8. Now open your newly added account by touching “” and entering your password and pressing connect.

9. Under the apps tab you can now see you applications. Press the DM icon to begin using the Design Manager software.

You are all set to access Design Manager from your Android Device!

Once you have completed the app setup, you will not have to perform this procedure again.

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