Installing and configuring Citrix Workspace App for Design Manager on MacOS

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Installing and configuring Citrix Workspace App for Design Manager

(for other Mac & Windows OS installation help, see the article here)

It is recommended to install the Workspace once your system has updated to MacOS Mojave 10.14 or higher.

For best results, if you are using Sierra or High Sierra, Receiver 12.9.1 is the preferred Citrix version.

This article will guide you through the process of installing and configuring Citrix for Design Manager on MacOS Mojave, and create a desktop icon.

Please have your Design Manager username and password handy.  This can typically be found in the Welcome to Design Manager email.

First, browse to  and download the appropriate version for MacOS.

Start the download and then double-click on the CitrixWorkspaceApp.dmg to start the installation process.

Double-click the Install Citrix Workspace icon.

Click Install.

Click Next through the installer, check the Add Account box and Continue.

Server Address:

Enter the username and password created in the account managment portal ( or the password your administrator has created for you.

The username in the upper-right will verify the account you are logged in with.

Hit the + button on the left side to Add your favorite apps.

Select the Design Manager instance on the left.  It will create an icon in the middle of the white Citrix Workspace that can be dragged onto your desktop.

You may have multiple icons available or just one, depending on your specific organization.

Double-click the desktop icon to start the launch process.

Close the white Citrix screen.  You do not need to click the icon again.  You will see a Starting message.

Next the DM Splash logo will load.

You are now logged in to Design Manager!

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