User Security Schemes

Modified on Wed, 21 Jun 2023 at 01:53 PM

Upon getting started with Design Manager or adding additional Users to your existing account, you will have the option to set your Users security settings using a predefined scheme. 

Click on the drop down menu to view all of the options: administrator, designer, purchaser, bookkeeper, design assistant. See the characteristics of each option below:

  • Administrator: allows full access.
  • Bookkeeper: can access all reports, accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger functions but cannot add, edit, or delete proposals and purchase orders.
  • Designer: can create new projects, input specifications, create proposals, but not purchase orders. They can also reprint client invoice but have no other accounting functions.
  • Purchaser: similar to designer, can create projects and input items and components; they cannot create proposals but can make purchase orders
  • Design Assistant: can view but cannot add or edit projects. They can input specifications and make proposals, but not purchase orders. Access to accounting functions is prevented.

You can always further customize permissions and configure any type of attributes per user within the “Users and Security” window (accessed through the “Company Information” window under File), once you've initially created the security settings. This is done by selecting the User, clicking the pencil icon to edit, then expanding on the folders. By double clicking the red locks you are giving that User permission to that area.   

For more on this checkout our Passwords, Security Settings and User Settings Webinar.