How to use the Review & Send window

Modified on Fri, 23 Jul 2021 at 12:31 PM

The Review & Send window is where you will find all Proposals and/or Invoices ready to be sent to your client. To open the Review & Send window, click on the envelope icon found at the end of the Project and Accounting tool bars.

In order for a document to be placed on the Review & Send window, the document must be marked for Send Later. All newly created and edited Proposals & Invoices will automatically be set for Send Later.  You can find this check box on the Proposals & Documents window, as well on the Existing Invoices tab. 

Send: Once a document is on the Review & Send window, tag to select which to send. You can sort and filter by clicking on the column headers to help to select specific document types or documents for a single Project or Client. You can also Tag or Untag all from the right click menu.

Once you have tagged and are ready to send your documents, select the Send button. The documents will be sent to the recipients.  You can review the status of sent documents on the Proposals & Documents or Existing Invoices tab windows.

View Document: To preview the document, click on the Proposal or invoice number link.  This will open the document in your web browser for viewing and printing purposes. 

Recipient Email: The recipient's email will automatically populate from the default Project email address on the Project Info tab.  If you wish to send this document to a different recipient, right click on the document and choose Edit. You can edit the email address for ALL tagged documents (for the same Client), or for just the single, highlighted document.

Remove: If you no longer wish a document to be on the Review & Send window, highlight the document and select the Remove button. You can also remove a document by unchecking the Send Later box on the Proposals & Documents or Existing Invoices windows.

NOTE: Any documents that are set to Send Later but are sent directly from the Proposals & Documents or Existing Invoices windows will be removed from the Review & Send window. 

If you have documents waiting to be sent for over 24 hours, a notification will appear on the Toolbar-Review & Send button when you log in. 

Select it to open the Review & Send window and send your documents. You can also simply ignore it until you are ready to send them.