Remote Data Collection - Zebra CS6080

Modified on Fri, 26 Aug 2022 at 02:00 PM

The Zebra CS6080 scanner is configured by scanning various barcodes to program the device.

The following list of barcodes can be printed, or scanned from a computer display

The device quick-start guide can be found: here

Full Reference Guide: Zebra CS6080

First, follow quick start guide to install battery into zebra scanner, and plug cradle into USB port on workstation.


Step One (Optional):  Reset unit back to factory defaults

Scan QR Code to configure device parameters

Step 2:  Insert scanner into cradle to pair devices and make sure scanner is charged

Scan Enter Batch Mode to start recording batch data

Step 3: Scan barcodes

Step 4: Open a notepad or other plain-text editor.  Place mouse cursor in notepad and click to focus on notepad window.

IMPORTANT: The notepad window must be open and active with cursor before the device is placed in cradle or all scans will be lost

Step 5: Insert the scanner into the cradle to start the transmission of batch barcode data.
The scans should appear in the following format:

Step 6: Save the file as barcodes.txt

When data from device has been transferred and text file saved, scan Enter Batch Mode to record next session of barcodes.

Step 7: Open Design Manager, click Remote Data Collection:

Step 8: Choose the type of collection, click Add and then Upload

Choose Symbol / CS3000 as the input source:

Step 9: Browse to where the barcodes.txt file was locally saved and select the file

Successful barcode import will display the results:

To log additional barcodes, scan Enter Batch Mode and open a new notepad document. 

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