How long does the system wait until an idle or disconnected session is terminated?

Modified on Tue, 18 Apr 2017 at 12:42 PM

There is no time limit on an active session.  All sessions are ended between 3AM and 4AM EST for server maintenance.  The servers become available prior to 5AM EST.

There is a 20 minute limit on a disconnected session.  A disconnected session is when the user gets disconnected from the Internet without normally exiting the software.  The system will keep the program running for a period of 20 minutes from the time of the disconnect.  This gives the user time to login again and pick up from where the user became disconnected.

There is a 1 hour limit on an idle session. An idle session is when a user is logged into the program but does not move the mouse, use the keyboard, or operate anything within the program.  If the program is up on the users screen and is not used for 1 hour the program will exit automatically.  Note: Power management options on the computer that is being used may be a factor-- local power options may cause the Internet to disconnect and then the 20-minute disconnected session limit may be in effect.